What are Dental Implants?

Dr.Alan Wishneff Boca Raton Florida Dentist Dr. Alan Wishneff D.D.S.
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November 20, 2015

When someone losses a tooth, it can affect them in many ways. Many people feel very self-conscious about their smile and many people may not be able to eat their favorite foods. Dental implants have become a new way to help individuals regain their smile and help them chew properly.
Single crown implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are devices that use an artificial tooth that is mounted to a post placed into the gum. The post is usually made of titanium. A mold of the surrounding teeth to make sure the tooth fits in with them. The post is inserted into the bone beneath the gums, making this a permanent fixture in the patient’s mouth. These implants make the mouth look more natural than dentures would and are more convenient to have.

There are a few different types of implants.  They can range from a single tooth to a few side by side teeth or a method known as All in Four. The All in Four procedure is recommended for those who need a complete replacement of the teeth on the top, bottom or both portions of the mouth. These implants use four posts or screws to attach a grouping of teeth. These teeth are a permanent solution that won’t be removed.

Pros for Dental Implants

The biggest benefit for getting dental implants is that they are permanent. A dental bridge is removable and may need cement that can loosen over time. Dental implants are only inserted once. The All in Four implants allow for a more natural appearance and are a sturdier set of teeth then dentures. With implants there is no worry about teeth falling out.

Implants also allow the pressure of a bite to be taken by the jaw bone, unlike dentures that spread the weight across the gums. This allows for a better comfort. Another big benefit is that by replacing missing teeth with implants, there is less of a chance of the surrounding teeth falling out.

Cons for Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a very expensive procedure that many may not be able to afford. Because this is a surgical procedure there are those common surgical risks. There can also be discomfort and the healing time varies with every individual. False teeth or crowns will eventually need to be replaced. This is however a much less invasive procedure.

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Image: By Coronation Dental Specialty Group (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons