Sleep Bruxism

Dr.Alan Wishneff Boca Raton Florida Dentist Dr. Alan Wishneff D.D.S.
Restorative Dentistry / Oral Health
August 22, 2014

Teeth grinding or bruxism, is a very common dental condition. Many people grind their teeth during stressful situations and many more find that they grind their teeth while they are sleeping. While some of the time teeth grinding does not cause much damage, other times the teeth can become severely damaged and other dental complications can arise if it occurs on a regular basis. Teeth can become worn down and discomfort can develop in the jaw muscles.

The main cause for grinding of the teeth is not exactly known. There are several factors that are looked at to explain why one would grind their teeth. Stressful situations are one of the leading factors of teeth grinding. An abnormal bite and crooked or missing teeth also contribute to grinding. Many people grind their teeth at night. This is known as sleep bruxism. Most people don’t even realize they are doing it, which makes it the most dangerous kind. When grinding the teeth at night you don’t know the damage that is being done until it gets bad enough to notice.

If you think that you are grinding your teeth at night, talk to your dentist about getting a mouth guard that can be worn at night. These mouth guards fit over the teeth and will help prevent the teeth from grinding against themselves. Stress management can also help reduce the temptation to grind the teeth.

Children have also been known to grind their teeth. Children normally grind their teeth when their baby teeth are coming in and when the permanent teeth are in. They usually outgrow this habit when their teeth are fully set in. Children also tend to grind their teeth while they are sleeping. Like in adults, the exact reason for the grinding is not certain. The most common reason is the sifting of their teeth as they grow. Because teeth grinding can cause headaches and further dental problems, if it continues in a child, it is best to see their dentist for advice.

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