Our Initial Examination

Dr. Wishneff believes in a comprehensive approach to your oral health.
Our initial evaluation includes:

  • Review your medical and dental history
  • Clarify your concerns, wants and expectations and/or problems
  • Oral cancer examination
  • Tooth examination to check for decay, cracks, wear etc.

Periodontal Examination

  • Comprehensive gum inspection to check for disease
  • Condition (quality, quantity and ronecession level) of gum tissue
  • Measurement of mobility or looseness, another sign of problems
  • Are fillings or crowns causing gum irritation?

Temporomandibular joint orthopedic examination

  • Palpation (pressing with finger tips) to check for inflammation
  • Range of motion tests to check jaw movements

Muscle examination (sore muscles can be a cause of headaches and jaw fatigue)

  • Palpation (pressing) of all muscle groups both within and outside the mouth for any signs of discomfort or tension

Occlusal (bite) examination (bite problems can be a cause dental failures)

  • Check if all teeth touch equally
  • Check how teeth meet when jaw moves in all directions


  • Full mouth series, 18 views, to show decay, infection, bone condition
  • Panoramic showing entire upper and lower jaw and TMJs