Innovations in Teeth Whitening

Dr.Alan Wishneff Boca Raton Florida Dentist Dr. Alan Wishneff D.D.S.
Restorative Dentistry / Oral Health
September 21, 2014

Today there have been many improvements and advancements in the way we can whiten and brighten our teeth. The following are some of the new products that are recommended by many dentists.

People who have sensitive teeth can use a new system called Pearl Gentle White. Some whitening systems are strong and can be painful for someone who has sensitive teeth. This new device uses a tiny ionic current to boost the power of a relatively mild gel without increasing the sensitivity. The gel used is only 6% hydrogen peroxide. This allows you to get the stain-lifting abilities of stronger bleach without the pain. The device has been FDA-cleared, but does cost about $200.

If you want a bright white smile and you want it fast, the best thing to try is the Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express system. This is your typical and classic do-it yourself at home kit that uses whitening strips. The kit comes with a potent gel that is 10% hydrogen peroxide. Each strip is to be worn once for about an hour. The strips are placed on the teeth and cling to the teeth like a band aide. There is a zero percent chance of slippage. These kits can be found at most stores and usually cost under $50.

One of the keys to keeping your teeth white is to maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing the teeth daily helps to keep plaque and bacteria from forming and causing discoloration. If you are one of those people that want to keep up with proper dental habits but don’t like or forget to floss, there is a new system that can help clean the teeth better. The Sonicare AirFloss system uses bursts of water vapor or mouthwash to blast away food particles and plaque. It helps to get into the gaps between teeth, where floss can’t reach. Floss can also push some food particles down into the gums. This device can be found for less than $100.

For those that love new technological things, while still keeping their mouth clean, then the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum toothbrush is for you. This toothbrush has bristles that move at 31,000 strokes a minute. The newest model uses a tiny UV sanitizer that kills bacteria on the brush. This system costs around $160.

If you are thinking of trying one of the new whitening systems out there, talk to your dentist first. They will be able to recommend what type is best for you and your condition. To keep your teeth healthy keep up with regular dental cleanings and proper dental care.

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