How to Make Dental Health Fun for Kids

Dr.Alan Wishneff Boca Raton Florida Dentist Dr. Alan Wishneff D.D.S.
Restorative Dentistry / Oral Health
July 27, 2017

Getting little ones to continuously brush their teeth can be difficult. Many times they can lose interest and not want to properly take the time to brush their teeth. Or the taste of the toothpaste may not be to their liking. Sometimes simply changing the type of toothpaste can help your child brush more and other times they may need a little more encouraging. One way to encourage good dental health with kids is to try to make it more enjoyable or even exciting.


Children should be using toothpaste that is designed for children. Toothpaste that adults may be using that has a sparkling fresh minty taste can actually a burning feel for kids. This is why it is so important to have your kids use a children’s toothpaste. Plus most of them come in fun flavors, like bubble gum, that they will enjoy more than the ones adult are used to.

Make it Fun

When it comes to showing your child how to take care of their teeth, take advantage of their playful nature. The earlier you start the simpler the games can be. Always make sure that you are doing everything with a big smile on your face so your child sees that everything is okay and can be fun and easy to do.

One game to try out with your child is the copycat game. To play, simply brush your teeth enough to make a mouthful of bubbles. Then smile wide and let the bubbles flow out and into the sink. It may look and feel funny but your child will be laughing and then they will try it themselves. Next time you brush have them start the game and you do what they have done. It may mean making a toothpaste mustache on your lip, but just go with it. Just remember to have fun while still showing the basics of keeping the mouth clean.


For some, games that can be messy may not be for them or they just might not work on some kids. You could also try a reward system. Rewards don’t have to mean candy or toys. Try using a simple calendar and put a sticker on the days that your child brushes and flosses their teeth correctly. At the end of the week then give them a small treat. Or let them pick out the activity that the family can do for the weekend. This helps to also help create fun times with the whole family and also makes a connection in the child’s mind between dental care and having fun. Make dental health not seem like a chore.

Having little ones learn about good health when they are young helps them to create lifelong dental habits.

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