Denture Problems

Dr.Alan Wishneff Boca Raton Florida Dentist Dr. Alan Wishneff D.D.S.
Restorative Dentistry / Oral Health
March 25, 2014

Many people believe that dental problems in their mouth will go away if their teeth are removed and they get dentures. But the truth is that dentures can fix some problems but lead to a host of new and different ones. Some of the most common problems are stated below.

  • Chewing with dentures can be tough. It could take five times longer for you to chew food.
  • A shrinking jawbone is a side effect of having dentures placed into the mouth.
  • The total cost of removing teeth, making the dentures, periodic realignments and re-creation (as often as every 3 years) ends up making dentures a very expensive solution for dental problems.
  • If down the line chewing becomes too difficult with dentures, you might be forced to consider implants. And dental implants can be more costly than dentures were.

Chewing Problems

The upper portion of the dentures can cover most of the taste buds on the roof of the mouth. This makes it harder to taste and enjoy food. Additionally, the tissues and bone in the mouth were never made to have plastic continually rubbing against them, so sore spots will develop in your mouth. And if you have an active gag reflex, an upper denture might even be impossible to wear.

Shrinking Jawbone Problems

A very serious problem dentures can cause is the loss of the jawbone. When teeth are missing on the jawbone, the jaw doesn’t get the stimulation it needs when chewing and the bone can begin to shrink. Wearing dentures can cause the bone in the jaw to recede with time. This causes dentures to become loose and floppy. When this occurs, dentures will need to be remade for them to regain a proper fit.

It is not uncommon for this to occur every few years, especially in the lower jaw. This is because the base of the dentures is smaller and the bone is much less stable. When you have your teeth removed, eventually the ridge of the bone in your lower jaw becomes very flat, and there’s practically nothing to hold the denture in place. Even worse, there are nerves passing through these holes that can end up on the surface of the bone, so when you bite down, it hurts! Some long-term denture-wearers suffer greatly from this. The jaw hurts and goes numb every time they try to chew. Unfortunately, these difficulties occur in a person’s later years, when healthy eating is critical to continued good health and quality of life. When the bone under dentures recedes, two things happen: your nose gets closer to your chin, and your lips collapse. This causes you to look older, with more wrinkles and less support in your mouth.

Costs of Dentures

Costs is also another problem that will add up sooner than you think as you continually have to return to the dentist for realignment and periodic replacements. When you add this to the cost of making them to begin with, you can see that dentures are not the truly cheapest route to take.

For all these reasons we recommend that you choose treatments that save your natural teeth. You will look better, feel better, enjoy your food more and have more confidence.

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