Braces at any Age

Dr.Alan Wishneff Boca Raton Florida Dentist Dr. Alan Wishneff D.D.S.
Restorative Dentistry / Oral Health
November 14, 2016

Many people around the world are not happy with their smile. A common dental problem that affects someone’s smile is crooked teeth. Crooked teeth are commonly corrected with braces. While many think that braces are only for children, more and more adults are now getting braces. Adults make up about 20% of the people who wear braces.

There are many different reasons why an adult may consider getting braces. The following are just a few of the reasons for wanting braces.

  • Straighter smile – Most people want perfect teeth so that they can have a bright, winning smile. Having a great smile can pay off in the long run. Studies being done show that people have a better reaction to pictures that show those with a straight smile. This can lead to more working opportunities.
  • Shifting teeth – Teeth can continue to shift throughout your entire life, even if you had braces when you were younger to straighten them out. Teeth tend to shift a little, back towards their original position.
  • Better oral health – Straighter teeth make brushing the teeth a lot easier. And anything that is easier to do will be done more often. If you keep brushing the teeth, you can expect to see less decay and healthier gums.

Braces may also be able to manage other more serious dental problems, like bite problems that can cause future jaw pain. When a new bridge, crown or implant is being placed in the mouth, braces can help prepare the surrounding teeth.

Newer Options

Braces today aren’t like they use to be when we were kids. The big metal braces aren’t the only option anymore. Braces are now barely noticeable. Ceramic braces can be made out of a clear material that is less obvious than the metal ones were. Brackets can be attached to the back of the teeth that will hold wires to pull teeth into a new position. Customized plastic aligners can fit like a mouth guard over the teeth and they will gently move the teeth into a new position over time.

What to Expect

The time that the braces will need to be worn depends on what has been done to the teeth. Most of the treatments range from 12 to 44 months. Adult teeth normally tend to take longer to move into position then children’s teeth. Once teeth are in the correct position, a retainer is normally worn. Today, many orthodontists recommend a permanent retainer that is fitted and attached to the back of the teeth. The cost for braces will range in price based on the amount and type of treatment done. Talk to your orthodontist if you have trouble with payments. They will most likely try and help

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